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Change the world with just one breath

August 04 2014

Change the world with just one breath

Have you ever thought that you’d like to change the world?  Make a real difference and leave a lasting legacy?  Well you can…and it’s not that hard.

As a little girl I used to imagine that on a rainy day, when I wanted to go outside and play, if I got everyone in my street (which equated to my whole world back then) to stand outside together, look up to the sky and BLOW, we could create enough wind to blow the clouds away.  Fast forward to today, and as a not so little girl, I still believe in the power of working together to move mountains, and blow grey clouds away!

When we are surrounded by stories of abuse, neglect, bullying and tragedy, it’s sometimes hard to see the good out there.  Images that shock and rock us are being posted on social media sites, along with people who I call ‘over-sharers’, sharing their life’s drama’s or spilling their anger onto your newsfeed.  Turn the TV on and we’re faced with images of people suffering at the hands of religious fanatics, and aeroplanes being shot down out of the sky.  Pick up a newspaper and we’re reading about the children of movie stars being left to fend for themselves as their mother overdose in front of them…stop me now.  How can we change this?

Whilst there are many things in the world we have no power over, there are some things, just small, simple steps, that we can all take to help make the world a better place.  If we work together, sharing this message and the values and ideology underpinning them, who knows, we could begin a revolution that reaches the far corners of the world, and maybe we can change the world with just one breath, together.

I may sound naïve…but what harm is it for us all to try?  At Hatrick Communications, and in my family,we will adopt the following 6 small, simple steps.

Let’s join together to change the world, one positive breath at a time.


6 ways YOU can begin to change the world:

Inspire others – lead by example in everyday life.  Own an attitude that reflects positivity, sincerity and kindness.  Let’s use the power of social media for good.  Share messages of inspiration, positivity and good news that inspire hope and achievement.

Shift your focus – we lead busy lives, contactable 24/7 and with technology at our fingertips, our heads are often buried deep in our phones.  Spend more time with your head up.  Enjoy what you see before you.  Seek out the good and revel in it.

Simply Smile – we’ve all read that it takes many more muscles to frown that it does to smile, and we know that laughing can burn kilojoules, but really, it just comes down to keeping it simple.  Smiling feels great and is infectious.  Share a smile today.

Commit to regular RAK’s – a random act of kindness doesn’t have to be helping a homeless person get off the streets by giving them a room in your home (although imagine that – how many people have a spare room in their home?).  Keep it simple, but try it.  I dare you!

Inclusion and Acceptance – if we’re going to make inroads into a better world, we must adopt attitudes of inclusion and acceptance.  We need to teach our children to embrace difference.  Not compromising who we are, but recognising that we are all different.

Live the Golden Rule – imagine if we all treated others the way we’d like to be treated…need I say more!



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