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September 19 2017

“We’ve hit the jackpot!” My family exclaims as we walk in to the holiday house we’ve hired for the weekend. It’s spacious, warm, recently renovated and just steps away from a remote and gorgeous beach.


We run around with delight as we discover the beautiful rooms, the art-filled walls and the thoughtful handwritten card and box of chocolates welcoming us. It’s apparent a lot of love has gone into this house and we know without a doubt that its owners are adoring stewards of a very special home.


We had an amazing weekend away. There were many jaunts to the beach wading in tidal pools, rolling down sand dunes and laughter around the living room fire and dining table. The weekend was a precious gift for all of us.


But we very nearly passed it by. My husband and I searched for hours looking for a house to spend our special family weekend away. In our online searches for the holiday home, this house landed in the “probably not” pile.


Why? Well, the pictures were blurry and made it look like a cold, empty, uncomfortable house. Given the images it didn’t look like this home fit our needs or our desires.


So why, then, did we keep it as an option? From the very start, we were intrigued by the narrative the home owners used to describe their house. Every sentence imbued such a deep love for the place. The narrative was short and beautiful, and painted a very clear picture of a special kind of paradise that anyone would feel fortunate to visit.


In the end, we decided to take a risk on this house. And from all accounts, the risk was worth it. We felt so lucky to have landed such a great value for a home that was certainly worth more than what we paid.


Yet, I couldn’t help thinking that we would have happily spent more money on this place. The words they used to describe their home sold us in the end. But if the images accurately told the same story, this home would have been our top choice without a doubt! You see, words have the power to stir emotions. Coupled with great images, it inspires us to act.


This is what Hatrick Communications does for its clients. We bring the power of words and images together to inspire strong connections with those you value most. Whether it’s selling a product, raising funds for a worthy cause or increasing your clientele, we work with you to bring your special story to life so that both you and your stakeholders feel like winners.


Just like this very special holiday house we discovered. Had the images matched the beautiful words, we would have happily paid more to stay there. Then both my family and the home owners would have started the weekend yelling, “jackpot!”





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