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My Dog Lochie and the three G's

December 03 2017

Our family’s beautiful dog, Lochie, died three years ago. As we made the decision to help him peacefully leave this place, I wrote a tribute in honour of him and to everyone who has had the great fortune of loving a pet.


 Our dog is dying. Yesterday, I took him for a little morning walk and upon our return he sat on his bed and had a seizure. This was the first of what have become many and his balance and strength are starting to decline at a rapid rate. Whatever is attacking his body is doing it quickly and we know our days with our precious pet are numbered.


This isn’t meant to be a sad story. In fact, I want to take this moment to honour our dog Lochie, because just by being him, he lives the three G’s: Grace, Gratitude and Generosity.


Hatrick lives this statement, coined by Director, Lisa Glassborow. And although I hadn’t ever said it so succinctly, the three G’s are values that drive me as well. When I was first introduced to the three G’s, I had been thinking of examples of people or situations that showcase these values. Then Lochie had a seizure, and it dawned on me that I had a creature in my very home that showed this to me every day. I’ve been so lucky!


Lochie has had a long and lovely life. In his 14 years, he’s shown grace in a variety of challenges. He happily came home with my husband – then a bachelor - when his previous family couldn’t care for him. He cheerfully welcomed me into his pack when I moved in with them, even though it meant that his favourite person in the world was spending more time and attention with me. He remained patient as our two sons, as babies, pulled his ears, explored his body and learned how to be gentle. And even as his body and mind are deteriorating, he tries to smiles and wag his tail as we approach him with a snack or a pat. What a graceful life.


He has always shown gratitude for the simple things in life. It’s so lovely to see a creature wag with all their body, face beaming, when we walk through the door. He was ecstatic for every walk, every morsel of food (yes, he’s part lab, he loves food) and every bit of love we gave to him. His gratitude inspired us to keep on giving love, because he gave so much to us.


And his generosity is so sincere. He has given us so much love, so much devotion, and so many smiles over the years. I was drawn to tears one day when I discovered that 30 minutes before my husband was due to come home from work every day, he would dutifully lie by the front door awaiting the arrival of his favourite person. He followed me like a shadow in the last few weeks of each of my pregnancies, parking himself by my bedside at night until each baby arrived. His cheerful demeanour and always hopeful attitude was shared generously with everyone who walked through our door.


My dog Lochie is a perfect example of living the three G’s. He doesn’t even have to try, it’s just who he is and I am so grateful to have had him in my life to show me what these three G’s can do. You see, I believe that living with grace grounds us, expressing our gratitude inspires us to keep doing good in this world, and being generous with our time, our love and ourselves nurtures us and others.


So thank you, Lochie, for showing this to me on a regular basis. I hope that we have shown the three G’s to you also, even if we didn’t do it as well as you have with us. You kept us grounded, you inspired us and you regularly nourished our spirit and we will be forever grateful to have had you in our life.


I know that I am not the only one out there that has been fortunate enough to have a precious pet show them how to live the three G’s. If you feel so inspired, share your story or photo with us on our facebook page: @HatrickCommunications, we love stories and especially love reading about stories of the three G’s in action.




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