Water Your Own Garden is our way of encouraging you to enjoy moments of reflection, admiration and learning, and to then focus on your own garden…your life.”

Water Your Own Garden

July 15 2014

‘Water whose garden?’


Have you ever looked over the fence at your neighbours garden or driven past a house and enjoyed a moment that lasted longer than a lingering glance, to admire a beautifully manicured, lush and brilliant green lawn? A lawn with grass that was cut recently, but doesn’t have any signs of excess cuttings lying amongst it; grass that looks like it has that gentle, crisp spike that when you walk on it your feet send messages to every part of your body, thanking you for the pleasure. A moment that takes you back to being a child where you ran free under the garden hose in bare feet and danced in your front yard with your sister.
I enjoy these moments quite often. I’m sure others do. But it’s what we do afterwards that matters.
For me, reflecting on another’s beautiful garden makes me feel happy for them. I admire the hard work that has gone into creating their masterpiece and I wish them well in their journey ahead as they continue to grow and develop their garden.
And then, having enjoyed sharing in another’s achievements, perhaps having even taken a few tips, I get back to the task at hand…and that is tending to my own garden. For I know that with the right nutrients, energy, attention and of course a bit of love, my garden will flourish and I will create my own masterpiece.
Water Your Own Garden is my way of encouraging you to enjoy moments of reflection, of admiration and of learning, and to then focus on your own garden - on your own life.
We are all capable of improving our lot. Sometimes only with small steps. But to begin, we have to first pick up our own watering can.
Lisa Glassborow




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