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The SPI Project (Seeking Political Inspiration)

August 21 2014

Water Your Own Garden

The SPI Project (Seeking Political Inspiration)

Are you fed up with Australian Politics?  Have you simply had enough of hearing about fraudulent behaviour, a budget that has no balance between our countries social and financial matters, scandalous phone tapping and huge public ‘guffaw’s’?

I am.  I am totally uninspired.

We live in one of the best countries in the world.  I know that for some there is still extreme hardship and poverty, but on reflection as a whole, we live in a great nation.  I am proud to be Australian and there isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t feel lucky.  I have a roof over my head, warm clothes and food for my family and I have a strong support network.

But for some that is not a reality, and at the moment, I feel as though our politicians, on all sides, have simply forgotten what their job is.  They’re missing the mark, and I for one, have had enough.

And it’s not just this budget that shows no balance between social justice and financial management.  It’s the way in which our politicians are conducting themselves.  There are no great ideas coming from our leaders.  Joe Hockey and the Liberal Party have certainly come up with some significant changes, but are any of these ideas ‘great’?  And where is the Labour Party?  Are we hearing them stand up and challenge the Liberal’s with better concepts, better ideas with strong resolutions.  NO.  There is nothing inspiring from either party, and maybe I’m asking too much, but surely we have some great Australian’s out there who have got great ideas and who are willing to stand up.

Clive Palmer – I thought you were our beacon of hope.  A self-made man, entering politics for all the right reasons.  I really thought you were doing this for the good of Australia.  I really thought ‘here we go, let’s get excited.  We have someone who is trying to make a real difference, and bring about positive change in our country, with the means to make it happen.’  But again, I am disappointed.  You, and your Senators, have bitterly disappointed me.  I’m not sure whether it is a lack of media training, poor media training, or just a total lack of morality, but what is spewing out of your mouths is not indicative of future leaders of change in our country.  You are not inspiring us at all.

I long for the days of Natasha Stott Despoja, who inspired young people like me to take an interest in politics.  You may not have agreed with everything she stood for, but she stood for something.  And it was good and it was real.  We must have more Natasha’s in our country?

And to Australia’s media – you don’t get out of this either – lift your game.  Report on what matters, and without slant and prejudice.  Help us to seek political inspiration.  You have great power – please use it for the greater good.

So I’m calling out to all Australian’s to join my call, no my demand, in ‘Seeking Political Inspiration’.  I don’t think it’s too much to expect our leaders to behave with dignity, show real leadership on the issues that matter to all Australian’s and to find a way to balance the social and financial matters of our country.  Surely we have some great minds in Australia who are ready to stand up and lead us into the future.

Perhaps we can all share what we believe the 6 major issues are for our country.  I know that our background will dictate what we see as important, and this is a good thing.  Maybe through this, we can get the attention of our government, and encourage all sides of politics to ‘lift their game’.

Australian Politicians, I want Sound Political Issues addressed.

We need Strong Political Ideas put forward.

I am Seeking Political Inspiration.

Please, we beseech you.

To kick start it, my 6 major issues include:

Ensure no Australian is living in poverty – let’s address homelessness, unemployment and the issues that lead people in all areas of our country to these situations.  Surely, if we had great minds working together we could come up with a solution for a better tomorrow for everyone.

Keep our children safe – Telstra are in trouble for sharing our google search history with the police – if we’ve got nothing to hide, why is that an issue?  Let’s forget about labelling us ‘a nanny state’ and start supporting those who are working to protect our children and communities.  Programs in schools should be widely supported that educate children about all areas of personal safety; and should the need arise, let’s ensure our legal system and penalties work to deter others from committing horrible crimes.  Let’s reduce crime.

Value all members of our society – we must look after the poorest members of our society, ensuring that they are valued and supported with dignity, respect and a ‘helping hand’.  We must care for everyone’s health, be that physical, social, mental and spiritual.  But we must remember that our community is made up of people from all walks of life, including all financial wealth brackets, and each of those groups play an important role.  Australia is rated as one of the most generous countries in the world, and the work of our Philanthropic community is often the key to making significant change and positive discoveries.

Celebrate diversity, and be proud of the Australian way – proudly, Australia is a multi-cultural nation, welcoming people from all races, religions and even personalities!  You just have to walk down the streets of Melbourne to enjoy the diversity of our community.  However, we also need to ensure that we celebrate our history.  Our schools should offer some sort of optional values based religious education, our children should celebrate Christmas in school (as well as other major holidays from our multicultural community) and we must always respect our traditional owners.  There is nothing shameful about being ‘proudly Australian’, whatever that means to you.

Financial management of our country – YES, this is important and we must ensure that our country is kept free of any type of financial crisis.  BUT, there has to be a balance.  Balance is the key, and I believe that the Budget that was handed down earlier this year has clearly missed the mark.  The important issues of our country haven’t been addressed and there is no balance in this budget.  Surely we can do better?

Be generous – I believe that Australia has always, and still is very generous in supporting other nations, through our Immigration Numbers and our Foreign Aid.  But right or wrong, I do believe that we have many people here in Australia, who are living in a situation that is less than acceptable, and I have to say that I believe that ‘charity starts at home’.  We need to continue to give generously, but we must also look inwardly and address our issues with gusto.



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