At Hatrick, we are led by the belief that we can all achieve our best when we are doing what we love.

What we love excites us, inspires us, and pushes us through the most challenging times.

And at  Hatrick , we love what we do.


We are a team of people who invests our love, drive and expertise into each project we undertake so that our clients can achieve their best.

We listen to you, we learn from you and we then use our experience and insight to ensure that the work we do has a lasting positive impact.

We work with small businesses, community organisations and local governments to develop and implement strategies that make you stronger. We are led by a passion to not only do well, but do good for our clients.

Together, we will help you achieve your best while inspiring others to love what you do. That way, you can continue doing what you love, too.



Working together for lasting positive change.


Doing what we love, so that others love what you do.

Hatrick supports small businesses, community organisations and local governments to achieve their best.


We do this by developing and implementing strategies that help to strengthen and sustain the relationships that matter to you most.


We help you continue doing what you love today and into the future by helping you to:


Get Organised: through strategic planning


Stay Connected: by developing effective communications


Be Supported: through capacity building, relationship management and event management

Hatrick Communications services are underpinned by the following values:


    We promise a commitment to professionalism, responsiveness, approachability, good old fashion etiquette and a can do attitude.


    We are creative thinkers, delivering solutions and strategies for strong, sustainable relationships.


    We contribute positively to our community, as we believe that together, communities have the power to create positive change.


    We believe words create worlds. Every day, we make a commitment to do what we say – by ensuring the words we use mirror our actions and beliefs.


    We love what we do and will use our hearts and minds to drive our actions and deliver excellent results.


Hatrick Communications is a team of professionals with a wealth of experience. Our broad range of interests and expertise means that our clients receive the best knowledge and insight to achieve their goals. Collaboration is very important to us. We work in collaboration with each other to maximise our strengths so that we may work collaboratively with you to achieve your best.


Community Involvement: At Hatrick Communications we love to support others to do their best, including those who need our help in a voluntary capacity. Lisa is currently the Vice President of her children's School Council and sits on The Rice Meal committee — a group who aim to raise awareness and funds for people in need.

Chelsey sits on the Montrose Township Group and Maryka is the President of the Township Group!

We have provided support to:

  • Taralye

    Consultancy on event management for inaugural ball, Ambassador proposal to Sarah Murdoch, event sponsorship, sponsorship proposal document development
  • Daniel Morcombe Foundation

    Copywriting for new Daniel Morcombe Rose proposal and packaging
  • Coldstream Community Kitchen

    Logo development, monthly menu production, sponsorship proposal document production, advice
  • Calisthenics Victoria Inc

    Sponsorship of the ACF Nationals , and Celebrating Calisthenics
  • Melba Support Services

    Ruby Anniversary Partner, Golf Day Sponsor, Builders of Change Partner
  • Wandin Netball Club

    Player sponsorship
  • Wandin Football Club

  • Coldstream Football Club


Lisa sits on Birmingham Primary School Council while Chelsey and Ebony sit on their kinder committees in grant writing, fundraising and event management capacities.