Our Team

Hatrick Communications is a team of professionals with a wealth of experience. Our broad range of interests and expertise means that our clients receive the best knowledge and insight to achieve their goals. Collaboration is very important to us. We work in collaboration with each other to maximise our strengths so that we may work collaboratively with you to achieve your best.

With over 20 years Marketing and Communications experience both in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors my experience is vast and ranges from event management to managing organizational rebrands, and from relationship management to increasing fundraising revenue. I have led the development of Organisational and Marketing Strategic Plans, produced many Annual Reports and company newsletters, developed website content, managed numerous events, established and managed Ambassadorships and developed formal partnerships.

What I have discovered over the years and what drives me to do this work, is that good relationships make businesses and organisations great places to be a part of; and when we have lots of great places that people feel connected to, we have stronger, healthier communities.

I enjoy listening to, and learning from my clients, and believe in providing a professional service with good old fashion etiquette. I thrive on connecting people, I love a challenge and I am driven by a simple ’can do’ attitude.

I am proud to introduce you to the Hatrick team

Chelsey is driven by ideas that make the world a kind, cooperative and inspiring place.

Bringing 18 years experience in strategic communications, Chelsey has worked in the for purpose and business sectors both in the USA and Australia. She has led fundraising campaigns, collaboratively developed marketing, business and strategic plans, managed the development of websites and online campaigns, and secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding. She holds a Masters in Governance and Public Policy from the University of Washington in Seattle, bringing an analytical and evaluative perspective to her work.

Chelsey approaches projects collaboratively and loves to learn; listening keenly to clients to understand the strengths, needs, and landscape so goals can be achieved. Chelsey has a knack for identifying strengths in teams and harnessing those strengths to achieve the best outcome. She also places value in responding, respecting client's needs with prompt and professional communication. She's an insightful and flexible member of Hatrick who is committed to delivering excellence.

Sally loves to work with organisations and businesses that make the world a little bit better – helping them to tell their story, and grow their ideas through strategic marketing and fundraising.

She’s held Board positions in the Not for Profit sector and managed several projects to build capacity and ensure the future financial sustainability of local community organisations in Melbourne. Sally holds a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a focus on English and Media Studies, and she’s a talented writer. In addition to her written communication skills, Sally brings experience across multiple industries, including previous roles in Project Management, Community Development, Training and Instructional Design, and Leadership.

Sally builds excellent working relationships with clients, and she’s always prepared to go the extra mile to get a great result from every project. Her other skills include Change Management, Strategic Planning, Tender and Grant preparation including bid strategy (resulting in several successful tenders for Australian Government business) and the ability to communicate your story with passion and style.

Maryka began her career in retail and is passionate about the sales process and its potential to drive results for small business. She has developed her skills in graphic design and photography, which facilitates an all-around approach to branding and communications, across all media types.
Maryka has experience in product development, sales and marketing strategy with major clients such as Spring Racing Carnival, AFL and Australian Grand Prix. Maryka has also worked in franchising to assist and manage local marketing initiatives for over 80 retail stores. Her creative energy gives an abundance of ideas and opportunities to fulfil marketing objectives and meet the needs of the client and their customers.

Chelsea embraces innovative concepts and strategic thinking to empower communities and organisations to become sustainable well into the future.

Through strategic planning, event management, digital marketing and communications, Chelsea has worked with a wide range of organisations such as AFL Gippsland, Gymnastics Victoria, Sports Environment Alliance, Gippsland Women's Health and Latrobe Regional Hospital to determine priorities, focus energy and strengthen operations through strategic and business planning. Chelsea holds a Masters in Business from Deakin University.

Chelsea brings an enthusiastic, innovative approach to her work and is highly skilled in out of the box thinking. Chelsea says it best when she passionately claims that she, “…wants to help communities find ways to run today's business while creating the business of tomorrow.”