Hatrick Communications helps you build and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with the people who matter to you most. We do this through strategic, passionate and targeted marketing and communications activities. Our team’s combined experience and our driving passion for excellence helps you – our valued clients - to get organized, stay connected, and be supported so that you can grow and thrive today and into the future.

Get Organised: We keep you organised through strategic planning, document production, event management and project management.
Stay Connected: We produce professional and effective communication material using printed, online and social media channels, to help you connect with your key stakeholders all year round.
Be Supported: We help develop and manage your strategic plans and your stakeholder relationships to ensure the income you receive continues into the future.

Some of the ways we do this include:

Strategy Development and Implementation: Organisational, Communications, Fundraising

Small Project Management: Re-branding, publications, websites, launches, PR/media 

Event Management: Fundraising events, community events, product launches, conferences, award ceremonies, AGM’s

Strategic Plans: Organisational, Marketing, Communications, Fundraising

Internal Culture Strategy

Fundraising Strategies/Plan


It is our commitment to you that a relationship with Hatrick Communications will bring with it professionalism, integrity and fresh thinking to your business or organisation. We will work with you to develop a strategy that fits your needs in order to create a stronger and longer lasting relationship with the people who matter to you most.  

Contact us to today! We would love to explore how we can work with you to build and strengthen your stakeholder relationships.

  • Collatoral / Business Plans
  • Events
  • Websites